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Recommended resources for teachers & travellers

This page is an ongoing work in progress.  We’ll continue to add and edit information weekly from now until the end of time, or until we run out of new resources to list, which ever comes first 😉

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FYI: We’ve tried to break each resource into a specific category but many sites offer multiple services, therefore, each resource is placed in the category of the primary service being offered.

Job Hunting

This is an enormous category with numerous subcategories; recruiting and job agencies, language schools, i-schools, programs, country specific, region specific, etc. You get the idea.  Because of the size and importance of jobs we created a separate page titled ‘Who’s Hiring?‘.

Classroom Resources (flash cards, student activities, etc.)



Description:  A travel site for the masses.  Has lots of resources for teaching in Asia.

Tags:  #teachingresources #travelresource #china #korea #japan

Lesson Plans

esl kids stuff logoESL Kid Stuff is a wonderful resource for international English teachers.  They offer a ton of free lesson plans to help make your lesson preparation a breeze.  Oh ya, they also have flashcards, worksheets, downloadable songs and more great resources to make your class preparation easier.


Hal & Steve English logoHal & Steve English is another free place to grab useful lesson plans.  They offer a wide range of downloadable lesson plans that cater to adult language learners.  Their LP’s contain lots of great visuals and range in difficulty from beginner to advanced.


Using English logoUsing English has a wide selection of lesson plans.  Their website is rather bland but their LP’s are good quality and updated regularly.



Worksheets & Printables

Teachnology offers a wide range of easy to use worksheets for teachers dedicated to improving the education of today’s generation of students.  Resources are designed to help busy Kindergarten through High School level teachers.


Apps & Technology


Grammarly makes sure everything you type is easy to read, effective, and mistake-free. Best of all, it’s simple to use and works seamlessly wherever you type (gmail, facebook, twitter, word, browsers, etc.). It’s one of favorites so make sure to give it a look.
Class Dojo
ClassDojo is a platform that connects teachers with students and parents to build amazing classroom communities.



Digital Magazines

Transitions Abroad



Publishers (Guide Books)

Lonely Planet


Rough Guides


Review Sites

Go Abroad

Go Overseas



Volunteer Programs



Hostels & Accommodations



Travel Insurance




Airfare & Transportation

Fly Onward is an exclusive Flight Ticket Rental Service. They provide you with international flight tickets (travel itineraries) with your name on them to use as proof of onward travel plans when you travel abroad. Why? Because in many countries around the world, you will not be allowed to enter as a tourist without proof of onward travel (i.e. showing a ticket that exits the country when going through immigration). Put simply, if you have a one-way ticket and no proof of future plans, you can be refused entry. This service gives you proof of onward travel, without the hassle of paying for expensive airfares upfront. You simply “rent” the ticket for a small fee.





Teacher Blogs





















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