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The itch to ‘Teach and Travel’ an awesome info-graphic!

So you’re thinking about teaching English abroad, somewhere specific, or maybe you’re flexible and just itching to be abroad…anywhere will do!  You’re not alone, as a matter of fact there are hundreds of thousands of people itching to do the same thing right now and another 100,000+ westerners teaching in exotic locations around the world at this very moment.

Instead of writing another article we decided to create an awesome info-graphic that highlights some key reasons for teaching overseas, some of the obstacles that may be holding you back and what you can do to make it a reality.

As always, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re more than happy to chat about teach and travel ‘stuff’ 24/7!

Enjoy 🙂


The ultimate info-graphic for the itch to teach and travel
Teach & Travel Abroad


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